When you need help with issues involving taxes, you should look for a lawyer who specializes in this subject. This kind of attorney can assist you in various ways, whether you simply have questions or have already had some problems come up.

You can get advice from a tax attorney all year long. If you never got any help with this subject when first starting your company, it may be time to get it now. 

Tax attorney can answer any questions you have if you are have an international business and need help with tax treatment, contracts or other legal issues, or beginning your business, and you need legal help concerning the tax and structure treatment of your business.

Moreover you need advising how possible trouble can be avoided and prevent tax problems before they ever begin, or need independent review of your case before going to court.

Also, one of the most important ways that a tax attorney can help you is by keeping up with the latest changes in tax legislation and advising you in accordance with these changes. This is important because Russian tax lawchanges every year.

Doing business in Russia can sometimes be difficult. Especially for foreign newcomers who are not familiar with the ins and outs of Russian law. That’s why many companies doing business in Russia are often faced with various problems due to high levels of corruption, bureaucracy and complexities in the legislative system.

Tax attorney offers online tax consulting in English for foreign companies wishing to do business in Russia. Consultation is carried out under a written agreement (long-term cooperation), or on the basis of a written requests (one-time consultation).


The order of the consultation:

1. The receipt of the request from the client.

2. Evaluation of the preliminary cost of consultations, on the basis of the estimated time required to prepare a response.

3. Negotiation with the client duration and cost of the consultation

4. Advance payment in the amount of 100 % of service price.

5. Preparing a consultation and sending it to the client via e-mail.

6. Drawing up of act on rendering service

7. If necessary, the preparation of answers for additional questions.

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