There are many problems that you can handle on your own without the aid of an attorney. But the one problem that you can`t deal with without an attorney is a problem with Taxes and the Tax Authorities. To solve it you need a lawyer who specializes in tax law.
Tax legislation changes almost every year. Tax attorney keep up with these changes, focuses on tax cases and works with these types of cases on a daily basis. Fighting the Tax Service is always difficult, but it is nearly impossible to win without a tax lawyer on your side.
The tax attorney will cost you some money, but it will be money well spent if you have a problem with the Tax Authorities.
Tax consulting, protection of taxpayers` interests in disputes with tax authorities, return of overpaid taxes and VAT will enable you to secure tax security of your business.


When you need help with issues involving taxes, you should look for a lawyer who specializes in this subject. This kind of attorney can assist you in various ways, whether you simply have questions or have already had some problems come up.

You can get advice from a tax attorney all year long. If you never got any help with this subject when first starting your company, it may be time to get it now. 



One of the main orientations of the activity of the Tax Attorney is the provision of services to protect the interests of taxpayers in arbitration courts under tax disputes which, as a rule, arise based on the results of completed tax audits (both on-site and desk audits), based on the actions of the tax authorities to recover current tax indebtedness (fines, penalties) or based on actions (omissions) by the tax authorities entailing the violation of


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